Permanent residential care service. Comprehensive assistance service for the activities of daily life for elderly people with dependencies.


Facilitate a substitute environment for the home, suitable and adapted to the needs of assistance.
Favor the recovery or maintenance of the maximum degree of autonomy
personal and social.



  • Accommodation
  • maintenance
  • Reception and coexistence
  • Personal attention in the activities of daily life
  • Autonomy habits
  • Sociocultural revitalization
  • Laundry and laundry service
  • Personal hygiene
  • Social support
  • Family care aimed at promoting the relationships of the user's family and their environment
  • Guarantee health care

Elderly people who do not have a sufficient degree of autonomy to carry out the activities of daily life, who need constant attention and supervision and who have socio-familial circumstances that require the replacement of the home.


We have sufficient technical and direct care staff to respond to the needs of the people served.