It is a system that will allow each household to pay more or less depending on the waste it generates. If you generate less waste and remove organic matter regularly, you'll pay less and increase your commitment to the environment.



To improve selective collection and, above all, to reduce waste. At this time, a considerable percentage of the fee is allocated to the treatment of the substances derived from the waste.

For this reason, there must be no organic matter, plastics, paper or glass in the waste, as these are fractions that can be recycled.

If we do better, we will pay less. It makes sense that whoever generates less rejection should pay less, don't you think?



The new bins for organic matter and waste carry a label that allows you to identify which household they belong to. Deposit organic matter and waste in the corresponding bin.

The company in charge of door-to-door collection will record with a reader the times you take out each fraction. Based on this data, a computer program will make the relevant calculations to determine the variable part of the rate.

This year there will be no changes in the amount of the fee, as the objective is for us to learn how payment per generation works. In any case, a simulation will be sent with the amount that each household would be entitled to pay according to the data obtained from the readings of the buckets.

Attention! - You will have to remove the waste and organic matter with the new bins that have been given to you Neither the waste nor the organic matter will be collected if you leave them on the street with only the bag.



Door-to-door collaboration will be rewarded, bearing in mind that if you recycle more and better, you won't have to take out the waste bin (grey) as often.

The rate will be calculated by adding a fixed part that will be the same for everyone; a variable part, depending on how often the waste bin is removed; and a bonus, according to the number of times the organic matter has been removed each month:


Rate = fixed + variable - bonus

 + fixed part

+ variable part (depending on rejection)
- bonus (according to organic matter)


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Until the entry into force of this new system, we have a lot of time to learn, adapt and resolve all doubts. For any question, you can contact us. You have these options:

By email: waste[@]
By phone: 972 720 100 ext 2216.

REMEMBER: Recycling is a priority, but we must reduce waste in general, eliminate single-use packaging, and reuse plastics and glass as much as we can.

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Do I have to remove the organic matter and waste with a bucket?

Yes, always. In fact, it has always been mandatory, but now it is also necessary to calculate the rates that will apply from January 2021
What if I don't use the buckets?
The waste or organic matter bag that is not in a bin will not be collected. The neighbor will have to keep it again until the next day that fraction touches.

Do I have to wait until the bucket is full to take it out?
No, it is not necessary. The system only takes into account the times it is removed, but not the volume, nor the weight. You can remove the organic even if it is not full, although it is advisable to wait until it is, whenever possible.

When should I remove the rejection?
You can take it out every Monday. But remember, if you pull the rejection every Monday, you'll pay more than if you pull it once a month, for example.

Why haven't the rates been announced?
Based on this year's data collection, the garbage collection rate for 2022 will be calculated, which is why it is now essential to use the new bins.

Why is this change being introduced?

The aim is to reduce waste and improve the selective collection of other fractions.

I have more doubts...
Remember that there is a person at the Town Hall who will assist you on the phone 972 720 100 (extension 2216) and the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and a website.


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