Faced with rising temperatures and longer periods of drought as a result of the climate emergency, the Sant Joan de les Abadesses City Council has promoted a proactive plan: the Executive Project for the Opening and Maintenance of Perimeter Prevention Strips of Fires, financed by the Provincial Government of Girona, approved in the summer of 2023.





This initiative seeks to adapt to the new climate challenges, especially in a region like Ripollès, where these situations were until now uncommon. The objective is clear: to guarantee the safety of people, homes and infrastructure in the face of possible forest fires. This involves the creation and maintenance of perimeter strips, as well as the management of interior plots and green areas.

This results in the creation of a 25 meter strip free of dry vegetation and with a lot of cleared and pruned trees, in urban areas or urbanizations bordering forest or vegetation areas, whether public or private land. In addition to the initial work to create the strip, regular annual or biannual maintenance will be required.

The creation of this area until now had not been necessary or a priority because our region had not entered the fire risk maps, and it is mandatory to comply with Law 5/2003 of April 22 of the Generalitat .The City Council has sent an informative letter about this new municipal service, both to those directly affected by the strip, and to passive subjects (those properties that are protected by the strip).

In the same way, the dispersed have also been informed of the obligation to create and maintain a protective strip on their land.