What is the day center?

It is a day care service and assistance in the activities of daily life for elderly people with dependencies.
In the specific case of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, it is provided as an integrated service in the spaces of the Residence, therefore it means enjoying the advantages offered by a residential service at the same time that the ties with the family or the home are fully maintained .


Facilitate a compensatory environment at home, suitable and adapted to the needs of assistance.
Favor the recovery and maintenance of the maximum degree of personal and social autonomy.
Maintain the acceptance of the person with disabilities in their socio-familial environment.
Provide support to families who care for the elderly.


  • Reception and coexistence.
  • maintenance
  • Personal hygiene assistance.
  • Personal attention to the activities of daily life.
  • Functional and social readaptation.
  • Sociocultural revitalization.
  • Family support
  • Guarantee monitoring and prevention of health disorders.

Optional features:

  • Hair salon
  • Laundry room
  • podiatry
  • Transportation
  • Attention on weekends and holidays, if necessary

Direct recipients:

Elderly people over 65 who need organization, supervision and assistance in the development of activities of daily life, and who see their care completed in their social and family environment.

Indirect recipients:

Family members who take care of an elderly person/s at home and it suits them to free up one or more days per week to have personal time.


The standard hours of the Day Center are from 9.45 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday. The user or his family will be able to choose whether they want to do one to seven days of care.
In the event that a user or his family needs a few hours of care other than those stipulated in this framework schedule, we will discuss it individually and find the most convenient solution for the user, the family and the Foundation.


The price of the Day Center does not include transport or travel from the user's home to the center and vice versa. Within this schedule, and from Monday to Friday, the Foundation has adapted transport. Outside these hours, the travel will have to be done by the family member.